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Santevia Water Filters

Santevia Water Filters


MINA Alkaline Pitcher Filter Powered by a newly formulated filter with increased filtration for:

● Lead (99%)

● Chlorine (99%)

● Vinyl Chloride (99%)

● Cadmium (98%)

● Copper (98%)

● Manganese (96%)

● Chloramine (98%)

● Mercury (99%)


The MINA Filter brings your family the clean, mineralized alkaline water you love, in an easily recyclable format.

● Makes water alkaline which helps your body maintain optimal pH

● Adds healthy minerals calcium, magnesium, potassium and other trace minerals

● Filters lead, chlorine & other contaminants

● Produces a taste that makes you want to drink more water

● Easily recyclable

● Compatible with the MINA Pitcher

● Filter Life: 2 months

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