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Le Creuset Oven Mitt

Le Creuset Oven Mitt


Our Oven Mitt is carefully designed to protect wrists from baker’s burn with its long sleeve. This durable mitt reaches the forearm when worn, providing exceptional coverage when transferring hot pots and pans to and from the oven.

Featuring exceptional heat insulation properties, our Oven Mitt ensures your hands are well protected at all times when working with hot cookware. The Oven Mitt also includes an embedded magnet for easy storage on nearby appliances. Made with cotton terry cloth, our Oven Mitt is extremely comfortable and durable.

Our Oven Mitt is an essential cookware and bakeware accessory, protecting home cooks and chefs alike in style. It is both stylish and practical, offering the needed protection in the kitchen.

  • Specifications

    1 unit

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